• Can my 1st grader participate in UIL?

Most of the subjects are limited to 2nd-5th graders. Some subjects are only open to 4th-5th graders.

  • How many students will make to the team?

We can have about 10 4 or so students from each grade level to rotate through meet #1-6 for most of subjects. A few subjects require shared entries from multiple grade-levels, thus only a handful of students from each grade can be accommodated. Decisions will be based on more meet details from the district, tryout results at ROE, and/or teacher recommendations.

  • When will be the tryouts?

This year students' competency will be evaluated through teacher recommendations. There will be no tryouts for most subjects. If any tryout is needed, it will be scheduled for mid-Sept during or right after-school at ROE. Students requiring tryouts will be notified once team registration closes.

  • Is there a fee for participating in UIL?

There will be a $20 activity/shirt fee per student for students to participate in UIL 2021-2022 season. There is a substantial fee for our school to register with UIL, which is already covered by ROE.

  • When will this season's team roster be announced?

We will be working with ROE teachers right after the registration closes. It can take a week or two to finalize the roster.

  • When will be weekly practices?

TBD and subject to parent volunteers/coaches availability. Specifically, parents on the teams will decide practice days and times as well as who will volunteer to coach (whether the team will hire one or a parent will volunteer). Contact us if you are interested in leading any study session off-site with social distance or virtually online.

  • How do I access materials shared in the Google Classroom?

Check out the Google support page. Access from a Desktop browser is recommended. Only available to team members.

  • Where can I find additional study materials?

UIL A+ Academics provides a comprehensive list of resources. Lots of open-source materials searchable on the web too.

  • My student missed the tryout. Can there be an alternative test day be scheduled?

No alternative test day will be offered. It’s very important for you to remind your student and the room teacher about the tryouts. Given the sheer number of students coming for tryout on any test day, it'd be impossible to go and look for the student.

  • Why is not my student scheduled for the meet this Saturday?

This year HISD entry limit for each subject and grade(s) is 5 students. If more students signed up for a particular subjects, students will rotate through each meet (a subset of 5 students participate in this meet and another subset of 5 students participate in the next meet.)

Not all subjects are scheduled at every meet. For the list of subjects for any given meet, see 2021-2022 Competition schedule details (Subject to change).

  • Do I bring my child to ROE on the day of competition if qualified before the meet?

For virtual meets, please get your students AV ready 30-min before each meet.

For in-person meets, the students that qualify for the meet will meet Ms. Hill in the cafeteria of the school, where the meet is being held, 30 minutes before their competition. Parents will wait for students in the cafeteria of that school with Ms. Hill and transport their children to and from.

  • What are the specific schedule for my child on each competition day?

Here are 2021-2022 Competition schedule details (Subject to change).

  • How do I find out the meet result?

Please visit www.speechwire.com to view results the following Thursday after a meet.